Keeping Learning Sticky with Social Media, Part I


Trainers are using social media even more for learning new concepts, collaborating and networking with other facilitators, sharing information, publicizing learning opportunities, and communicating with learners for pre-and post follow-up.

Why is social media helpful to make learning stick?  Going beyond the single and double-loop learning concepts; social media can be used to increase triple loop learning (that is, transformational learning encompassing both single- and double-loop learning and so much more).

Social media tools provide quick, simple opportunities to stay in touch with learners before, during, and after learning events.  I have particularly found Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp, and Tumblr to be wonderful assets in my trainings to increase learner transfer.

To effectively use social media in training mainly centers around sharing knowledge, collaborating, and reinforcement. Determine the best social media platform that fits your training or organization.  Since most trainers are providing virtual training nowdays to our learners, why not create the best blended learning for our learners.  Below is a simple design idea for you to make your learning stick using social media!

Before the Training:

  1. If you have previous research on the topic your learners will be learning about, rather than keeping them in suspense, refer learners to your (Tumblr or Reddit) site to read your research (or other’s research on the topic). This will engage the learners early on in research and knowledge sharing.
  2. Create a private group for your learners. (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  3. Introduce the Instructor and Training Content within the private group.
  4. Schedule your webinar (keeping it to no more than 1 hour). Schedule the event on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Snapchat.  Utilize hashtags to promote or remind learners of the event. Consider going Live (Facebook or LinkedIn) with your webinar.
  5. One week before this event, post 2-3 open-ended, thought-provoking discussion questions in the group discussion board, allowing participants to post comments, asked follow-up questions, etc.  I understand some may not participate but they just may be reading the posts. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit)

During the Training:

  1. Allow participants to conduct Group Teach Backs via the social media private group.  This will give learners an opportunity to capture real-time feedback and gain peer support.

After the Training:

  1. Post-event discussion questions, a recap video and a practice assignment in the discussion board. Give participants one week to respond to the post. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit)
  2. Connect learners directly with SMEs.

Trainers know that learning is a process (occurring before, during, and after the learning event).  As a trainer, are you keeping up with the latest trends in social learning?   Which social media platforms are a better fit for you (your organization, training, etc.)?  Perhaps you should explore one or two social media platforms for your next learning event…

Dr. TL

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